Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Reverend James E. Blake, Pastor

Church Motto: Doing the Right Thing in 2016
Church Theme: Come Back to God
Malachi 3:7-18; Romans 10:1-3




  Pastor James E. Blake

Rev. James E. Blake is the proud and blessed Pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church. He began his preaching ministry over 30 years ago under the late Rev. Anderson Mackey Sr. for six years. And then for 13 years he ministered under the late Rev. C.G. Wilkins whom he precedes in pastoring Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church for the past 13 years.

Pastor Blake is the proud father of one adult son. He is very family oriented and loves to spend time cultivating and nurturing the family environment. His focus in his teaching ministry is on relationships, loving God first and then the family; in that order. When that order is not met then confusion sets in. So he devotes a lot of time in teaching, counseling, and focusing on family continuity. Outside of his ministry, Pastor Blake also serves as an officer in the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas BTU Board. He is also an active member in the Baptist Ministers Association and Vicinity.

Pastor Blake’s greatest talent and love of the ministry is revealed in his teaching ministry. He has taken courses at the College of Biblical Studies. But he attributes his ability to be such an effective teacher from his personal experiences in knowing the Lord. He has a personal passion for investing in the youth and serving the senior citizens. He always goes above the call of duty when it comes to these two groups. He feels that the senior citizens have paved the way for the paths we are now enjoying and our youth need this same guidance and direction to ensure that a firm foundation is laid. Through these experiences, Pastor Blake has adopted his favorite motto: “The Lord is Merciful.”i